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. In keeping with the flow of science and technology, the department constantly strives to contribute to the region and the country by producing exemplary and cofessors
Professors Information
Professors Information Name Kim, Dongryul Journal / Article Publications ation: a Randomized controlled trial. / Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. Professors
Professors Information Effects of Sambi-tang on Artiritis Induced by Collagen in Rats / Journal of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine
Name Kim, Hyeongjun Journal / Article Publications mary> reas
Name Lee, Jaehyok Korean oriental internal medicine
Journal / Articl> Shin, Miran Education PH.D of Korean Traditional Medicine Korean Internal Medicine Public Health
Journal / n="5" style="text-align: left;"> Major Components of Clinically used Bee Venom Pharmacopuncture/The Acupuncture
Shin, Seon Mi Education PhD, Clinical Internal Kustion intervention for patients with irritable bowel syndrome: A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. European Journal of Integrative Medicine / European Journal of Integrative Medicine
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