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Professors InformationPhD, Nursing Science
Research Areas Intensive Care Unit Patients, Sleep, Deliriume="text-align: left;"> Evaluation of a Smartphone Application for Self-care Performance of Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B: A Randomized Controllesub02_01_04_img02.gif" alt="Department of Occupational Therapy">

Effects of weight shifting exercise combined with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on muscle actf Occupational Therapy

Effects of Mental Practicournal of physical therapy science
ophy in Medicine body>

Department of Clinical Laboratory Science

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Zerumbone's effects on Jurkat cell proliferation and miodel to elucidate the progesterone-specific effects of a luminal A subtype of breast cancer / Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications tails> Professors Information
Name Research Areas Clinical Microbiology
Apigenin inhibits the production of NO and PGE2 in microglia and inhibits ne> Population and Genetic Status of a Critically Endangered Species in Korea, Euchresors
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Research Areas Chemistry of Natural product 법학과부동산학과 arget="_blank" title="새창열림">바이오제약산업학부화장품·뷰티생명공학린더
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  • 발전기금학과안내 icle>
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    Jang, Hyein Education PhD,Applied chemistry & biological engineeringJournal / Article Publications Anti-inflammatoryn="5" style="text-align: left;"> Chromatic response of polydiacetylene vesicle induced by the permeation of methotrexate / Soft Matter e">School of Food & Nutrition Science of Bioindustry
    Research Areas
    Cookery Science & Dietary Education
    Instrumental Analysis for the functional or hazardous compounds in foods and herbal medicinal materials
    Journal / Article Publications Gender specific effect of major dietary patterns on e a new action plan. Is a department that aims to train future-oriented sports instructors with practical teaching methods and professional guidance skills.

    Name Kim, Jeongsu EducationJournal / Articletation Training With Pneu-Weight Vertical Traction On Changes Of Lumbar Muscle Function, Flexion / Extension Strenght Ratio And Vas In Patients Of Chronic Low Btionship Among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Post Purchase Behavior Of Outdoor Driving Ranges