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offset = $('#language').offset(); window.scroll(0, offset.top-100); }else{ $('.professorInfo').eq(2).fadeOut("slow"); } }); $( "#coalized department for the cultivation of Korean language and culture talents, the Department of Media Culture combines the Media Korean Language and Culture andof Korean Movie / The Research of Korean Classical Novel Research Areas Creation

The Department of Digital Content Creation creates content using various media such as literature, publications, film, and graphialization in 'Publication' for Implementing New Paradigm / Studies of Korean Publishing Science

Modern Korean Literature
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Terms in American English: With Particular Reference to Addressing in FN in Along Came Polly / STEM Journal colspan="5" style="text-align: left;"> Jin Shengtan’s Critical Theory on the Drama Characters in XI XIANGJI / JILIN UNIVERSITY JOURNAL SOCIAL SCIErinted Versions of 󰡔QingLouYunYu󰡕 / The Comparative Study of World Literature
The matters of choice, chance and morality in Eric Rohmer's <My night at Maud's> / The Korea Contents Association
Name WPhD, Literature Research Areas Cognitive linguistics (metaphor)
Name Jeong, Weondon Education Robert Frost's Meditative Poetry from the Buddhistic View / The Jungang Journal of Ey of Comparison in Moriogai's ‘Maihime’and ‘Fumizukai’ / Journal of Japanese Language and Literature,Japanology
Name Kim, jungmi
Journal / Article Publications Name Lee, Kughee Education PhD, Chinese Literature Research Areas Chinese Poetry
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background-color: #f4f4f4;">Education master Research Areas Chinese Graessors Information Name The study on the space Composition of National / Public Child Care C>
Name Toh Hwayong Journal / Article Publications Art Therapye Twelve Horary Signs of Gods / Korea Contents Association
l of Communication Design
artment of Performing Arts and Media Art is to cultivate talents with creative artistic spirit, proactive self-sufficiency, and liberal intelligence. By shapingolor: #f4f4f4;">Research Areas>
Name An Kangbeom Journal / Article Publications A Studysic Design & Art
A study on Haavior and Clothing Buying Behavior of New Silver Generation / Journal of Korean Society of Costume Design
Name Jung, Jinsoun Theatrical performance / Theatrical production / Russian Realism Acting / Theater production
Journal / Article Publications " target="_blank" title="새창열림">국제언어문화학부 융합디자인학부 정보통신학부 전자et="_blank" title="새창열림">생활체육학과
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